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Based in Bakersfield, CA
Founded in 2008
Genre: #Rock #Alternative 
Label: Iron Gate Records



Hailing from Bakersfield, CA, THE IRON OUTLAWS use the stark beauty of the Central Valley to create remarkably melodic songs with a haunting power that captivates both first time listeners and long time fans.

Poetic, energetic and dynamic, THE IRON OUTLAWS honed their craft by playing in venues small and large up and down California, Oregon, and Texas, including memorable shows at The Ventura Theater supporting Santa Barbara’s Big Jugs, Surf Rodeo with headliner Pato Banton, The Bakersfield Thunder Run, and the massive Bakersfield Rock & Country Music & Art Festival which was headlined by artists such as Foreigner, Kellie Pickler and Leann Rimes.

They have performed with other like-minded outlaw country and punk acts such as Bob Wayne, Simon Stokes, Wild Roses, Doug C and the Blacklisted, The Generators, Betty Rose, The Barnyard Stompers, Grant Langston, Maurice Tani, Sara Petite, The Lonesome Ones, The Resistors, Lightning Woodcock, Joe Buck, Big John Bates, Trainwreck, Continental (Boston, MA), Whiskey Dick, Walker and the Texas Dangers, Radio Threat, Charly Overby , Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Los Lobos.

THE IRON OUTLAWS showcase frontman Danny Garone's unique and impressive songwriting as well as the talents and chemistry between the band’s members.

The band, signed to IRON GATE RECORDS, has recently released “Take it or Leave it,” the title-track of THE IRON OUTLAWS debut album, as their first single to be available for streaming online.

The band is currently in preproduction for their second release due out in 2022.

THE IRON OUTLAWS has a sound that the world should have an opportunity to enjoy. We hope you do.


DANNY GARONE: lead vocals, rhythm guitar

GEOFFREY DYER: lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, backing vocals

CESAREO GARASA: drums, backing vocals

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: violin, mandolin, backing vocals


“They have all sorts of strings — banjos, violin, lapsteel, stand-up bass — all of which makes their punktry Americana thing work.”

-Bill Locey, Ventura County Star

“The Iron Outlaws are a fantastic Bakersfield country band with definite ‘Bad Religion’ overtones, especially with their tune ‘Die For Love’. We are sure to see huge things from them and I am sure some young Bakersfield ladies have hung out wanted posters on these Iron Outlaws!

- The Bakersfield Sound Blog


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